Nouritza Matossian's biography of one of the most mysterious and influential artists of the 20th century was published last year by Chatto & Windus accompanied by much acclaim. This portrayal of the American Armenian artist in Matossian's solo performance is enacted through the eyes of his mother, sister, wife and lover. It is accompanied by music and 150 slides of Gorky's work, photographs of his life in historic Armenia and New York. It is a dramatically performed biography with a difference.

Nouritza Matossian is the author of a biography of the composer Xenakis, a lecturer and regular BBC radio broadcaster.

Entry in Visiting Arts After its highly successful premiƩre at the Royal College of Art this enthralling solo performance on the secret and turbulent life and art of the leading American artist Arshile Gorky has been repeated in London by popular demand. In four monologues Armenian born biographer/artist Nouritza Matossian plays Gorky's mother, sister, sweetheart and wife to give dramatic insight on this camouflaged Armenian artist from birth to suicide with music and 150 slides. This unique show (50 mins) suitable for adult and young audiences is based on her highly acclaimed biography, Black Angel, A Life of Arshile Gorky, Chatto & Windus, 1998, The Overlook Press, New York, 2000.